The Jasper Dragon

Nerd and couture self-drafted fashion and tutorials...ish. More like a collection of notes and MS paint diagrams to give sewers a starting point to draft their own projects.

*Note* I do not photoshop, filter, retouch or modify my pictures in any way.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a faux-corset styled shirt back using fabric anchors instead of hardware. You can make this modification on an existing shirt pattern or even an existing shirt, as long as you have an inch or so that you can afford to take in. If you’re planning on adding it to a shirt you’re sewing, add at least an extra inch to the width of the back.

Once you have those steps completed, take your tie and thread it through the looped tabs. Easy!

If you use this tutorial, do me a favor and post me a picture? I’d love to see how people use this stuff, if they do.

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